Nimmy Narvios

Ms. Nimmy Narvios

5751 Blythewood St, Ste 800,
Houston, TX 77021

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Nimmy Narvios is a board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She has earned a Master's Degree from McNeese State in Louisiana in 2018. She has completed clinical hours with the Harris County Psychiatric Center and other mental health settings. Preceding this role, her nursing degree from the University of Texas has given her a unique understanding of the mind and body, which helped her to deliver care holistically. She has 8 years of hospital experience in various settings including psychiatric, telemetry, and travel nursing. With a passion for psychiatry, she has shared evidenced based information to health conferences as well as corporate events. She strives for bringing utmost respect, innovation, integrity, collaboration, and accountability for her clients.

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